A New Beginning

After several weeks of pondering and doodling, I can finally declare the re-birth my second graphic story. Please forget the already published two chapters; the actual story (well okay, the second part of the actual story) will only now take off.

The new story has a new structure, this time an episodic one. My sequel will, as I see it now, consist of four (4) more or less loosely related episodes, each featuring a unique perspective and even a different style; these four stories may or may not come together at a final, fifth episode.

Each episode is named after its main character, and the first episode is simply called Astrid.

I will start by publishing the first five pages of the first episode, since they are nearly identical to the first pages of my previous attempt of a first chapter; only the fifth page contains actual new information, so dropping these old pages one by one would have felt too much like cheating.

I will publish a new page twice a week, for time seems to be an issue with a more frequent schedule.


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