Download a comic, get a portrait


Yes, the comic is still out there. Yes, I really do think you should go and download it; whether you want it for free, or whether you choose to support the Comics Society.

If you buy a digital comic, you might end up getting a special order portrait of yourself, of your beloved, of the one who got away, of the boy next door… whoever you want to see in an image. Furthermore, you get to choose whether this image is painted in the style and themes of Astrid’s melancholy circus, in Mitjo’s slightly kinky fairytale land, in Ronja’s gloomy rainy city, in Ezeqeel’s nostalgic watercolour world, or in Sonja’s dark baroque castle.

Is this something you want? If you pay at least 10 euros for a download, you will participate in a draw and possibly win said portrait after November is over. And if you pay at least 75 euros, you’ll get the portrait without a draw, you rich you.

Go download!


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