These are songs that have served as inspiration and mood enhancement during the creation of the graphic novel. You can listen to the entire soundtrack clicking the link below; even further below you will learn exactly which scene in the book goes with which song. The page numbers correspond with the page numbers in the eBook’s PDF file.

On the Side of the Angels – the Soundtrack | Listen for free at

Prelude & Prologue 1: 

“Hush, little baby”: The Cure – Lullaby

Chapter 1: 

“I try not to think about the praying angel statues”: Muse – Ruled By Secrecy (pages 9-15)

“The chilling gust feels heavenly”: Soulsavers – Longest Day (pages 16-18)

Prologue 2:

“The psyche of teenaged girls”: Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen

Chapter 2:

“These post-angelic mornings always come with a taste of blood, sulphur and burnt sugar”: David Bowie – Wishful Beginnings (pages 25-29)

“Would the lady be interested in a pint of brew?”: 22-Pistepirkko – Onion Soup (pages 30–34)

“I wonder what they see in me”: The Temper Trap – Miracle (pages 35-37)

Prologue 3:

“I was one of them”: Anna Von Hausswolff – Liturgy Of Light

Chapter 3:

“Have you heard the angels’ gospel?”: Of Monsters And Men – Dirty Paws (pages 40-43)

“Since when do you smoke, anyway?”: The xx – Heart Skipped A Beat (pages 50-53)

Prologue 4:

“The terror was all mine”: Muse – Butterflies and Hurricanes

Chapter 4:

“Reparative therapy tonight at my place?”: Arcade Fire – Neon Bible (pages 62-66)

“You can call me Sam”: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – River Styx (pages 67-70)

Prologue 5:

“He carried all the glory of the Lord about him”: Soulsavers – Presence Of God

Chapter 5:

“You’re an… angel?”: Wumpscut – Homo Gotikus Industrialis (pages 73-82)

“You have imprisoned an Angel of the Lord?!”: Muse – Apocalypse Please (pages 83-88)

Prologue 6:

“In his hands I was completely safel”: The xx – Angels (page 89)

“An angel might have rescued one child, but another had died”: Brett Anderson – Funeral Mantra (page 90)

Chapter 6:

“Trying to find my way home”: 22-Pistepirkko – Snowy Dave (pages 91-92)

“How can I know what’s real and what’s not?”: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow (pages 93-98)

“Hell yes I’m afraid!”: The Temper Trap – Rabbit Hole (pages 102-105)

Prologue 7:

“One cold and lonely night Eiael didn’t come”: Brett Anderson – Back To You (page 106)

“I hated them all”: Florence + The Machine – Seven Devils (page 107)

Chapter 7:

“Human, do not forget your place!”: Zola Jesus – Run Me Out (pages 108-111)

“For fuck’s sake, you have to tell the truth!”: Band Of Skulls – Honest (pages 112-119)

“What do you expect to gain with this tantrum?”: Zola Jesus – Devil Take You (pages 120-122)

Prologue 8:

“I wasn’t going to surrender without a fight”: Raubtier – Kamphund

Chapter 8:

“Lucifer Morningstar, pleased to make your acquaintance!”: Fatboy – Devil’s Tale (pages 125-128)

“When you’ve lived on one planet as long as we have, you learn to make it your own”: Bat For Lashes – Horses of the Sun (pages 129-132)

“I want to show you something”: David Bowie – The Motel (pages 133-138)

“You truly are a god damned devil”: Pintandwefall – In My Dreams (page 139)

Prologue 9:

“I think my parents believed it was about time I rebelled a bit”: WEH – Hang ’em High

Chapter 9:

“Right now this is my top priority”: The xx – VCR (pages 142-143)

“Put on your dancing shoes, we’re going to a wedding”: Imelda May – Johnny Got A Boom Boom (pages 144-147)

“All right, kids, hold on tight!”: The BossHoss – Run Run Devil (pages 148-149)

“What therefore Earth hath joined together, let not God put asunder”: Saltillo – Veil (pages 151-154)

“We are very happy”: Grinderman – Heathen Child (pages 156-157)

Prologue 10:

“Come evening, I just waited for the inevitable”: The National – Afraid Of Everyone

Chapter 10:

“Lord Lucifer Morningstar, First of the Fallen, Heir of the Hell-that-never-was, Warden of the Wicked; together with Daughter of Man, Bringer of the Apocalypse”: Wumpscut – Boneshaker Baybee (pages 161-163)

“Let’s go pick up a couple of demons from the dance floor!”: Volbeat – Sad Man’s Tongue (pages 164-166)

“Look at my beautiful children!”: Woodkid – Iron (pages 168-171)

“No-one has seen Mitjo”: David Bowie – Hallo Spaceboy (pages 172-174)

“He’s alive”: Vox Silentii – Jesu benigne redemptor [Cantus sororum] (pages 175-180)

Prologue 11:

“They needed me”: Pintandwefall – Eater-Feeder

Chapter 11:

“The end of the world is coming, but I don’t care”: Prince of Assyria – Emotion Laces (pages 183-185)

“I’m going to New Earth”: The Cure – Faith (pages 186-188)

“WHOSE BLOOD?”: Radiohead – Street Spirit (Fade Out) (pages 189-191)

“Grow up and take some responsibility!”: Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down (pages 192-193)

“Go back to your angel, Astrid”: Arcade Fire – My Body Is A Cage (pages 194-195)

“Help me, Eiael”: Tori Amos – Give (pages 196-197)

“It’s time for the world to end”: WEH – World of Pain (page 199)

Prologue 11:

“But “I forsook hate and chose light”: Lana Del Rey – Gods & Monsters

Chapter 12:

“You’re not an ordinary nurse, are you?” : Johnny Cash – Redemption (pages 202-203)

“And where, pray, might I be safe when the world ends?”: Fink – Fear Is Like Fire (pages 204-209)

“He’s a prisoner no more”: Kongos – I’m Only Joking (pages 211-215)

“You mustn’t go with Eiael!”: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Hiding All Away (pages 218-219)

“Is everyone here related to our adversaries?”: The Meteors – Hell Must Be Empty (All The Demons Are Here) (pages 220-221)

“We won’t have to worry about my floating brothers in these hollows”: Band of Skulls – Wanderluster (pages 222-224)

“Oh, I like the sound of that!”: Volbeat – A Warrior’s Call (pages 228-229)

“It could have been worse, don’t you think?”: Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (pages 233-238)


“Anything is better than these nightmares”: Vox Silentii – Maan korvessa kulkevi lapsosen tie


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