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Bald Astrid

Pardon the silence: tomorrow I will go to the hospital for a surgery, and it will be followed by a lengthy sick leave. Hold your breaths; I will be back.


On the Side of the Nephilim – new book out today!

If you haven’t already heard, today I have released my second graphic novel as a PDF book; go download it! You can even set your price: get it for free if you like, but if you choose to pay something, your money will be donated to the Finnish Comics Society. That’s pretty cool, right?

Here is where you can find both the books for a download, plus some other stuff for some little money.

Here is my (relatively) new homepage for more information.

Go go! Download and read! Pay and support future aspiring artists who are not me!

Update: Expect extreme slowness

The fourth episode is done, and the current story is missing only one final episode. However, you’ll need patience, since I’m about to return to working full time and will not have that much time for making comics anymore. Fear not; Episode Sonja WILL be published here, page by page, just quite irregularly.

Hold your breath.

The books have arrived!

booksThe books are here, woohoo! In case you’ve been waiting for the print to be ready before making your order, this is your cue! You can order your own copy of the first volume of the graphic novel at Big Cartel via PayPal; in case you have a dislike towards PayPal you can use Selz. Or just send me email!

And don’t forget that you can read the book online here, so you’ll know exactly what it is you’ll be spending your money on!

Postcards are also available!

Read On the Side of the Angels on Issuu

Since an anti-chronological blog is certainly not the best format to read a continuous story, I’ve started to publish this comic also on Issuu. The first volume of OTSOTA has been available on Issuu for quite a while; now you can also read Episode I: Astrid and Episode II: Mitjo of Volume 2 conveniently in your browser!

I’ll update this page whenever a new episode is finished and uploaded on Issuu; you can also follow me and check out this stack on Issuu to be notified whenever a new episode is available.

Or you can read the first two episodes right here, embedded in this post. Granted, the embedding might not work in RSS feed readers, so any reader users will have to click one of the links in this post. There sure are plenty enough to choose from!

On the Side of the Angels, Volume 2, Episode I: Astrid (36 pages)

On the Side of the Angels, Volume 2, Episode II: Mitjo (34 pages)

Vote for the postcard design!

Which image would you like to see on a postcard? Now is your chance to vote and help me decide which of these designs will be printed on postcards. And if you’d like to hold one or more of the upcoming postcards in your hands, you can purchase them on my Indiegogo campaign  – or come back later, for yes, I’m planning to have fun stuff for sale after the book comes out from the print, steaming hot as it is!

EDIT: Those of you reading this in various feed readers will most likely have to follow the link to the original post, should you want to see the poll below. Sorry about that, but it’ll be worth your while!

The ebook is finished!

Campaigning takes a whole lot of time; therefore I won’t promise any new pages for about one more week. I can, however, point out that the ebook version of the graphic novel is ready and uploaded: you can download a PDF version of On the Side of the Angels or read it online here.

Reading the book and supporting my campaign should keep you happy for a while, but if you still want some more entertainment, watch this video.