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The campaign is live!

My Indiegogo campaign has started! If you want to help me get my very first graphic novel printed on paper and distributed everywhere in the world, especially if you’d like to get your own copy of the printed book, go check out the campaign website and contribute!

Since I’m a little busy tweaking the last bits of the upcoming book, I’m taking a week’s break from publishing new pages in this blog. But fear not, the story will continue!



A New Beginning

After several weeks of pondering and doodling, I can finally declare the re-birth my second graphic story. Please forget the already published two chapters; the actual story (well okay, the second part of the actual story) will only now take off.

The new story has a new structure, this time an episodic one. My sequel will, as I see it now, consist of four (4) more or less loosely related episodes, each featuring a unique perspective and even a different style; these four stories may or may not come together at a final, fifth episode.

Each episode is named after its main character, and the first episode is simply called Astrid.

I will start by publishing the first five pages of the first episode, since they are nearly identical to the first pages of my previous attempt of a first chapter; only the fifth page contains actual new information, so dropping these old pages one by one would have felt too much like cheating.

I will publish a new page twice a week, for time seems to be an issue with a more frequent schedule.

Light at the end of the tunnel

I have good news: my graphic novel will continue. Apparently the month’s break did what it was supposed to do, as I’m back in front of my keyboard, typing in the story. This time, however, I’ll try not to repeat my earlier mistake of rushing onto my drawing board before the story is finished; instead, I will not paint a single new page before I’m finished with a rough script for the entire storyline.

Therefore it’ll still take a while before you get to see new pages here; hopefully not several weeks, though.

Hold your breath.

A Break

I am going to have a break from this comic, for the simple reason that I feel it does not meet my own expectations. The storyline I have been building is incoherent; I have no shortage of ideas regarding lovely scenes and dialogues that I’d love to create, but so far I’ve failed to mix them all into a beautiful big picture.

So I will leave this space empty until I come up with a good story. A better story, at least.