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The ebook is finished!

Campaigning takes a whole lot of time; therefore I won’t promise any new pages for about one more week. I can, however, point out that the ebook version of the graphic novel is ready and uploaded: you can download a PDF version of On the Side of the Angels or read it online here.

Reading the book and supporting my campaign should keep you happy for a while, but if you still want some more entertainment, watch this video.


The campaign is live!

My Indiegogo campaign has started! If you want to help me get my very first graphic novel printed on paper and distributed everywhere in the world, especially if you’d like to get your own copy of the printed book, go check out the campaign website and contribute!

Since I’m a little busy tweaking the last bits of the upcoming book, I’m taking a week’s break from publishing new pages in this blog. But fear not, the story will continue!